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Sometimes, live sucks. And that's OK.

Every now and then, doesn’t it feel like the universe has it out for us?! When life gets tough, everything attacks us all at once… Have you ever wondered what you did in a past life that has karma raining down an awful furry?! The whole world is caving in at once, and it seems unbearable!

I was having this exact conversation with a good friend yesterday. Sitting together and chatting, she looked me dead in the eye and genuinely asked me how I was doing. She knew… I had been slowly leaking out all of my recent struggles. That day, she just knew. Instant tears welled up in my eyes. “I am OK, but why does everything have to go to shit all at once?!”

Her response was insightful. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. It was so simple. She said, “Sometimes, I believe God gives us several burdens at once to keep us from going too far down any single hole. It seems overwhelming, but really it’s saving us by keeping us above the surface.”

Wait… What?! This was a major enlightenment for me. She was right.

When you have had something go wrong, it was so easy to become consumed by that one thing. How quickly you got pulled into a pit. Deeper and deeper, the more it consumed you. Unable to focus on anything else, you lost yourself in the despair of this single thing. How easily it became your undoing…

In the instances where it felt as though you had been beaten from all sides, or had multiple major problems that hit at once it may have seemed insurmountable. However, it actually saved you! By having so many problems it forced you to divide your focus amongst each of them. You couldn’t allow yourself to fall into any one single hole for too long. They all need attention, therefore keeping you above the surface.

So, be thankful when the proverbial shit hits the fan? Ha… sort of. It’s just that sometimes, life sucks… and that’s ok.

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