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Have a whole lot of fun at

 CORE7 Fitness

Located In Sandy, Utah

Barre Classes & Much More

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 CORE7 Fitness

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CORE7 Fitness

is a place where...

women heal & reconnect with parts of themselves they've buried and forgotten 

CORE7 Fitness Classes

COREoffers a fun and welcoming training environment where you can come as you are and leave feeling better than ever. 

Come in for a cardio class at the Quarry Bend center in Sandy, UT and discover why our members keeping coming back for more!



Awaken your inner warrior or move gently towards quiet moments of meditation. Relax and rejuvenating in our sound healing meditations and breathwork classes.



High intensity, low impact. Burn calories more effectively in these cardio-filled classes. Strengthen muscles, and achieve flexibility & clarity



Develop body confidence, dance your heart out, through aerobics class and endurance training. Using our HIIT class formats, challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

From Our Raving Fans

“This isn't just another gym or fitness fad. This is a family. This is a tribe who will support you in every and any way you need."


“I've been an avid exercise-aholic for 10+ years and I've NEVER had muscle definition like this."


“There's a huge balance and flexibility component to the workouts that I feel is the missing link for me, so of course I'm hooked and it will be at least a once-a-week thing in my world."


“It absolutely amazes me that I've trained for Spartans, rock climbing, ran multiple races, and have done CrossFit and none of that kicks my a** more than Barre."


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