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Welcome to the CORE 7 Family

Here we have created a space that is just PURE LIGHT. When you walk in the doors, you suddenly feel warm inside, like a great, big hug. When someone sees you and they smile with the warmest light in their eyes... and you just love them. You know with every part of you that they have your back, and you have theirs. 

Why We Do Fitness

Core 7 Fitness started out as a tug on some heart strings and a photo on a vision board nearly 18 years ago. Owner and founder, Shantel Reitz, had a deep rooted desire to create a place for women to come heal and reconnect with parts of themselves they had buried and forgotten. This dream became a reality when Core 7 opened its doors in 2013. 

Fitness is often someone's first step in the self discovery and healing process, even if they don't realize it. It is not uncommon for people to find themselves in tears during the cool down sections of our classes. 

Moving your body is one of the very few things that you can do for yourself, that really benefits no one but you. It is raw, real, and emotional. Come experience the magic of Core 7. Come find yourself. 

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9235 Village Shop Drive

Sandy, UT 84094


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