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Strength + Cardio

Barre Sculpt

Barre Sculpt is not just a class, it is an experience! Join us for a high intensity, low impact barre workout that will transform your body and your life. Barre Sculpt utilizes endurance and resistance training, core, and barre work. Great for any fitness level and is designed to challenge even the most seasoned athlete. Each class will bring a heart pounding, full body, calorie burning workout designed to push you to your full potential achieving maximum results.

Buti Yoga

So, what is this Buti Yoga, anyway?! Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.” The movements in a Buti class help you to release and let go. It is designed to encourage and develop body confidence. Sweat and hair flying everywhere, surrounded by women who are collectively connecting to parts of themselves that have been long buried. Celebrating the freedom and encouragement together. Crying out with shouts of love and support. How do you put all of this into words? 



Experience the future of fitness with our Burn BFR class! Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training is taking the fitness world by storm, and for good reason. This revolutionary workout technique uses controlled pressure to enhance your workouts, leading to faster muscle growth and incredible results.

In our Burn BFR class, you'll harness the power of BFR to push your limits and sculpt your body like never before. By temporarily reducing blood flow to your muscles, you'll create an intense metabolic response that torches calories, builds lean muscle, and boosts endurance.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete looking to take your performance to the next level or a fitness enthusiast seeking an effective and efficient workout, Burn BFR is your ticket to achieving your goals faster. Join us for a session and discover the exhilaration of BFR training – your body will thank you!

*This class is offered in 30, 45. and 60 minute options. Intro to Burn is REQUIRED before you can take a Burn class. 

**Equipment rental fees are an additional cost.


Yogic Sound Bath

In this class, you will move gently, breathe and meditate. Experience pure serenity and inner harmony as you immerse yourself in a deeply meditative journey as soothing sound waves from crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, drums, and more. We will help to release tension and promote relaxation. This unique experience is designed to quiet the mind, reduce stress, and align your energies, leaving you rejuvenated and in perfect balance. 

Restorative Flow

Yoga is more than just the poses we do. Each pose has meaning and reason for being performed a certain way. During this Restorative style class, you will not only get relaxation but also some mobility and function. This class is perfect for any level and links breath, movement, and knowledge into an active practice.You will walk away feeling refreshed and challenged in both mind and body. Expect to sweat, surrender, and learn!

Breathwork and Meditation

Held once a month and for special events. Discover the profound connection between your breath and inner peace as you learn ancient mindfulness techniques to calm the mind and awaken your spirit. Through guided breathwork and meditation practices, you'll unlock a deep sense of clarity, reduce stress, and cultivate mindfulness that extends into every aspect of your life. Join us for this empowering class and unlock the limitless potential within you, one breath at a time.

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