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Do you TENDU?

Barre Class Technique Tip: Tendu

Never have I come across a workout that does so much for not only improving your body, but also your mental health and well-being. Barre happens to be one of the most complete workouts you can do. Nothing else out there focuses on strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, and agility all in one amazing class! Follow our technique tips to help you maximize the benefits and moves you will use in your barre class.

One of our favorite barre moves, when done correctly, are tendus.

Today’s Technique Tip is all about stretching our body in our Tendus!

The word tendu means to stretch. In a traditional ballet class, tendus come at the beginning of the barre exercises to warm up and stretch your feet so they are prepared for the rest of the class. There is so much more involved in tendus than just feet, though…

Proper set up:

Focus on keeping your core squared to the front. Think about your 4 corners, shoulders and hips, staying lined up and facing forward.

  • Light touch on the barre,

  • Lifting off the floor through standing leg and feeling the floor lifting your heel.

  • Make sure that you keep your knees straight (imagine locking your knee on the working leg) as you stretch your leg out AND in. Your knees do not bend, just stretch and pull up.

  • Focusing first on form, then speed. Always. If we keep a focus on that pelvic position, your turn out (because everyone is different), and the stretch through the straight leg you will start to feel the many benefits of a simple tendu.

Tendus are the begging movement of our grand battements also and all of these “rules” of a tendu apply to a grand battement as well.

When done correctly, tendus work all of the muscles through your legs and feet!

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