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The Unbalanced Life

Do you ever feel like you just can’t measure up to anything? I do. ALL. THE. TIME.

Lately, it has seemed that every book I have read talked about how to “balance” your life. It’s this ultimate utopia we are all striving to attain. Google “balanced life” and just look at how many articles appear on the subject. MILLIONS. Literally… Did it make you develop an instant ulcer? I mean, people are raking in some serious cash by selling us on how to attain this perfectly reasonable life.

Let’s just get real here, for a moment. A balanced life is a complete FRAUD. There is no such thing.

Well, let me clarify… there’s no such thing, if you want to accomplish anything of significance. Living a balanced life is possible, if you aren’t striving for any sort of growth or accomplishment in any one area. The second you focus and decide to push yourself, challenge yourself, or live your life with purpose, you will find yourself suddenly WAY out of balance. Your focus is on ONE THING. Your attention pushes to you in a primary direction. And guess what?! That is just fine…

The greatest opportunities for growth, happen when we live outside of the “Middle” or “Balance”. Find your passion and live there. Live with purpose and intention. Any great accomplishment in life requires unbalance.

Don’t allow yourself to feel inadequate for putting other areas of your life on the back-burner while you focus on your goals. We don’t have to be all things at all times. Allow yourself to be out of balance. The key is to maintain enough of the other elements to keep our sanity and to prevent burning out. Maintain some self-care in the midst of your insanity. Be mindful and present.

Embrace the unbalanced life.

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