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What is BARRE?

(Just a little EFF. WHY. EYE: it is pronounced /bär/ not /bär-ay/)

But... What the HELL IS IT?!

Barre is a workout routine that utilizes ballet based exercises and combining some yoga and pilates for a complete body sculpting program. The barre is used as a tool to help with balance, while you focus on strength and core training. It may look like ballet, but don’t be fooled. We like to say, “it’s a little ballet all jacked up on Mountain Dew.” There is a reason that barre is gaining popularity and a cult-like following!

STILL not convinced?!

While it is ballet based, that does not mean you have to be a ballerina to take classes. In fact, quite the opposite… No dance background is required! Everyone starts their journey at a different place. Come as you are and build as you go. There are plenty of modifications for different ages, and fitness levels. The only pre-requisite is to come prepared to have a fun time. The moves are choreographed to some energizing and motivating music. We believe that you should enjoy your workout, or you won’t be able to stick to it. So, if you’d rather lick a scabby bandaid then run on a treadmill or use a row machine, this may just be the workout you’ve been searching for!

So, why Core 7?

We know there are quite a few barre studios to choose from (Daily Method, Bar Method, Pure Barre, etc)… All I can say is, “They barre. We BARRE HARDER!

Our classes are low to no impact, high intensity, full body workouts that will chisel your body in record time. Work your muscles from head to toe. We incorporate strength and resistance training (extra emphasis on the ‘hard to target’ areas often neglected in conventional strength training), cardio, and a lot of core work. We work a lot on posture, full range of motion in the hips, and did I mention a lot of core work? Seriously… The hips and core are the foundation for the function of our entire body (see: Kinetic Chain) We want the entire body to function better as a whole.

Be prepared for total body exhaustion. We will work those muscles to the point of failure and fatigue. I mean… BARRE. SO. HARD… but do what you can, and if you need to take a break, go for it! The best part of barre, is that you are only in competition with yourself, but everyone is there to support each other. #TRIBELOVE

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