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The Best Advice I Can Give You

What’s the very best advice I can give you today?


No. Really. Stop caring.

Did you feel that immediate weight float off your shoulders? Did you feel that instant freedom? If I can give any person a single piece of advice, this would be it. At the route of this insecurity is COMPARISON. Just stop. Ladies, you hear me? Stop worrying that your hip neighbor down the street is a snob to you. Stop worrying and thinking she is a better mom than you. Stop. In the grand game of life, does what she thinks matter? No. Can you change her perception of you? No. Doesn’t it seem like the more you try, the worse it gets? Moreover, she’s not even right. The way she sees you (or more likely, the way you think she sees you) is dead wrong. Quit filling your own head with these lies and negativity.

How would life look for our children if they didn’t care what their peers thought of them? What kind of potential would be unlocked? If they were unhindered and free to be themselves, how would they flourish?

So, stop stressing over things you can’t control. If it is truly out of your control, then what good is stress and worry? All it is doing is taking over you. Let it go. Start giving more attention to things you can control. When we are not worried about what other people think of us, it opens up so much space within ourselves. Suddenly, we can focus on things that truly matter. We can channel this energy into something positive.

A beautiful change occurred for me when I released myself from the bondage and burden of other’s expectations. My insecurities diminished, and my true self blossomed. I am free to give. Free to grow. Free to LIVE.

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